Hi, and welcome to AsTheGrassGrows.com!

This site will be the home of a weekly (hopefully more than that sooner than later) comic strip starring Gnorm and Jack. If you’re new to the world of Gnorm, he’s just your every day average yard gnome, trying to keep his home safe from the dangerous world of squirrels and bird poop.

You may have seen the previous version of this strip when it was called “Gnorm the Gnome” and it was appearing on Oddnik.com. So why the change? Well, I felt that the format of Oddnik was better suited for long form comics and I wanted to rededicate myself to these characters. I also wanted to change the style of the artwork a bit. So I relaunched the strip with a new title and a new home, but you can still get here from Oddnik. I’m still working on comics at Oddnik and am by no means forgetting about them. I just wanted to have a home here for Gnorm and Jack.

Another thing I will be doing here is selling the original artwork from the strips, so look for that soon.

So thanks for checking out the site and be sure to come back every monday for a new installment of As the Grass Grows.