Hi folks,
Well, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve been working on putting together a book collection for As the Grass Grows, and I’m excited to finally say that it’s done.

Gnonsense book

The book is titled Gnonsense and it will make it’s debut at the Baltimore Comic Con at the end of August. It is 112 pages and contains the first year and a half of strips as well as two short stories that aren’t available online. The first is the original Gnorm the Gnome short story that I created in 2003 (wow, can’t believe Gnorm is 7 years old) and the second is a story that appeared in the anthology “War” published by Saddle Tramp Press in 2005. After the Baltimore con, it’ll be available online for $14.95 but if you can make it to Baltimore I’ll have it at a discounted “debut” price – plus I’ll do a free sketch for you.

I’ll give more details as to where you can find me at the con as soon as I get them, but I recently did a practice run to set up my table in my garage (special thanks to my wife for making it not lame):

Convention setup

Yes that’s a bobble head gnome that will be sitting on my table.