This saturday is 24hr comic day. If you’re not familiar with it, 24hr comic day is essentially a day when comic creators work on comics for 24 hours straight, with the intended outcome being a 24 page comic. This year, my friend Sean and I decided to participate (along with our friend Ben who will be popping in from time to time). We won’t, however, be producing a 24 page comic – after weighing my options, I figured I could try to make a 24 page comic that may or may not suck, or I could use this time to work on some of the other projects I have going on. I chose the latter. So from 10am Saturday (10/1) to 10am Sunday, we’ll be hanging out at Sean’s appartment slowly descending in a sleep-deprived madness. The best part is, you can watch us live by following this link.

Oh, almost forgot to talk about what we’ll be working on. I’m going to be drawing a 10 page prologue for my upcoming comic (that I mentioned here) and Sean will be working on his own comic that he plans to start soon. Should be a lot of fun.