I know for months I’ve been talking about/hinting at the return of As the Grass Grows, but while a lot of work has been done (character redesigns, scripts written, artwork completed) I just couldn’t seem to get it all together enough to really bring it back. So, I’ve made a decision…

As the Grass Grows will return on January 16th, 2013!!

I figure I work better with a deadline and making this announcement will force me to put this in the upper vicinity of my priority list. For more info on what this means for my other comic, Sector Four, you can check out this blog post over there. The short of it is, Sector Four is going to continue. Am I ready to do two comics at once? Who knows, but when I first launched AtGG way back in 2008 I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up even a weekly schedule, so let’s see how it goes.

I’m really excited about this new direction for the strip so I hope you’ll check it out in January.