I, for one would like to say good riddance to 2012. Don’t get me wrong, there were some real highlights for me last year… one being the birth of my daughter and the other being the launch of Sector Four. But 2012 went out with a ridiculous amount of snot, vomit, coughing and headaches. In other words, I spent the majority of the last couple months either really sick or taking care of the other sickies in my house. All that fun has put a hamper on my productivity, so unfortunately I’m going to have to push back the relaunch of As the Grass Grows by a couple weeks.

As the Grass Grows will be back on February 1st!

I’m not trying to make excuses but I’m not willing to start out behind the eight ball and it came down to either killing myself to meet an arbitrary deadline, or move the arbitrary deadline. I’m pretty confident this will make a better comic so I’m not going to be too upset by it. Ultimately, I blame kids and their nasty kid-germs :)

In an attempt to not be too negative with this post, here’s the first panel from the relaunch. I hope you like it:

Panel 1