Just wanted to give a quick update on some of the things going on that will affect the comic, but first an announcement. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to go back to one As the Grass Grows strip a week for a while. This wasn’t an easy call since I really like the momentum of more than one comic a week, but life – as it’s known to do – tends to get in the way sometimes. If you read my other comic, Sector Four, you’ll notice that it hasn’t updated in quite a while. This really bothers me, especially since I’m so close to finishing out the first story arc. So in order to handle the other commitments in life and also get back to a comic that I’m still really excited about, I decided that I had to cut back my time on As the Grass Grows.

One of those life things I need to handle will be having surgery in July. Nothing serious, thankfully, but I’ll definitely have some miserable down time where I’m not going to be productive at all. And there are also some good things that have been going on lately that have just taken more time than I expected.

So new plan… starting this week (6/26) As the Grass Grows goes back to weekly Wednesday updates. On July 15th August 5th (had to push it back a little bit), Sector Four will be back to a weekly schedule until the first story wraps up. Then it’ll go on hiatus while I work on the second story arc and finalize my plans for a new format for the comic.

Also somewhere in there, websites will be redesigned and some other things I’ve been working on will launch before As the Grass Grows settles back into it’s multi-comic per week update schedule.